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Mulinello Van Staal VS 150 Spinning

Mulinello VAN STAAL VS 150 Bail-Less Spinning

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Mulinello Van Staal VS 150 Bail-Less Spinning
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Codice: [ZBC-0680-151-152]

Prodotto su Prenotazione Prodotto Esaurito, tempo di riapprovoggionamento non definito 
Prezzo listino:  Prezzo listino: €685,01 [IvaInc]
In offerta a: €664,46 [IvaInc]
Risparmi: €20,54 (3%)
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Spese di Spedizione Gratuite in Italia


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 Descrizione Descrizione 

Prodotto: Mulinello VAN STAAL VS 150 Bail-Less Spinning

Model Left Hand - Color Black

VS Spinning Series - Mulinelli Van Staal Senza Archetto




Gear Ratio

Line  Capacity

Line Retrieve


Spool Diameter

Max Drag

0680 151


Left Hand


Mono 340yds/12 lb

76 cm

340 gr

2.255" = 5.73cm

30 lb

        Braid 330yds/30lb        
Line Retrieve o IPT = avvolgimento di filo per 1 giro di manovella

Nel mulinello Van Staal VS 150 non troverete un singolo particolare in alluminio economico e in plastica. I mulinelli Van Staal sono sapientemente prodotti in alluminio di altissima qualità con rinforzi in titanio ed acciaio, gli stessi materiali utilizzati nelle industria aeronautica, ciò garantisce una potenza impareggiabile e performance all'avanguardia in ogni condizione di pesca in acque estreme.

La frizione stagna si avvale di 2 cuscinetti a sfera e di dischi in acciaio e teflon ed è integrata alla bobina in un alloggiamento impenetrabile all'acqua. Anche il corpo del mulinello è stagno e saldato per impedire la penetrazione di sale, sabbia ed acqua, garantendo così la massima affidabilità durante ogni possibile combattimento.

I pescatori più esperti sanno che il difficile non è catturare una grossa preda, ma recuperarla in totale sicurezza. E' per questo che Van Staal ha svilupparo la ghiera dentata più grande e potente al mondo. Realizzata in acciaio inossidabile, assicura la massima potenza di recupero per controllare al meglio la battaglia con le grosse prede.

Ogni singolo mulinello è numerato e registrabile su internet al sito 

Specifications of Van Staal VSB Series Reels

The Van Staal VS Series Spinning Reels combine the art of design and manufacturing into a reel of uncompromising strength and simplicity.

The frame, rotor and spool are machined from billet aluminum for unyielding strength, unlike other high-end reels that are made from weak die cast aluminum and plastic. Internal parts are made from the highest grades of metals available like stainless steel and titanium.

The patented waterproof maintenance free drag system runs on two stainless steel ball bearings for silky smooth drag performance under the harshest conditions. The main gear and pinion are hardened stainless steel.

The large diameter main shaft is made from solid titanium, and mirror polished for smooth operation. Choose from a selection of 5 different models, including the VS100, VS150, VS200, VS250, and VS300 to suite your particular needs.

Available in gold, black and silver

The Largest Main Gear In The Industry

Wading into the surf or pulling on a giant fish, the challenges can be relentless. Your equipment must be equal to it.

For experienced anglers, the challenge is not always finding and hooking big fish, it's landing them. That's why Van Staal VS and VSB spinning reels are designed with a main gear that actually helps you fight - and land - big fish.

Made from hardened stainless steel, the main gear will never slip or strip under pressure. The Van Staal main gear is also oversized to provide more fish-fighting torque per crank of the handle, meaning you control the fight, not the fish.

Sealed, Waterproof Performance

One of Van Staal's most famous features is its sealed, waterproof drag system. Even if you're not in the habit of submerging your reel while fishing, regular exposure to the elements alone is enough to compromise the integrity of the drag system and inner gears. Anyone who's hooked into a monster only to feel the drag slip or hear that unmistakeable coffee-grinder sound coming from their reel knows how painfully true this can be.

That's why when we set out to build the market's most durable and reliable fishing reel, we knew that drag and gear protection was critical for consistent, peak performance. To achieve this protection, our engineers designed water-tight seals throughout the spool, body and handle assembly of the VS and VSB spinning reels. For fly anglers, we completely sealed the spool of our C-VEX fly reels.

No other reels on the market offers this level of protection, and that's why no other reel on the market will do for serious anglers looking for the ultimate in hard-fishing performance. Not convinced? Keep reading. . .

In September, 2006, Larry Welcome was fishing on the south side of Long Island when a wave swept him off his feet, and his fishing tackle out to sea. Feeling lucky to be alive, Larry was now without his Van Staal and forced to use his back-up tackle for the rest of the fall striped bass run. But in December — three months later — his broken rod, still attached to his Van Staal reel washed up, miles down the shore.

After checking the reel's unique serial number, it was returned to Larry, where he found it scraped and with some of the anodizing worn off. But when he turned the handle, he found his reel still functioning. His reel was still sealed and had no corrosion or breakage. After a quick servicing, Larry is back in the surf fishing with his "battle worn" reel again — catching fish. No other reel could have done this.

"Well my back-up reels are once again back-up reels. As in just about everything in the marketplace, there is good, better and best — and I've got to say that Van Staal is best. I can't think of any other reel that would have taken those conditions for that amount of time and even been recognized, let alone useable. That's my testimonial. . .thanks to Van Staal for making a quality product that is such a pleasure to own."
—Larry Welcome, (very) satisfied Van Staal owner.

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