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Finger Protection for Rods

Finger Protection for Rods

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Finger Protection for Rods
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Model: [FHQ-Salvadito]

Price:  Price: €4,79 [TaxInc]

Stock: Stock:  Available in 5-7 days Available in 5-7 days



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 Description Description 

Product: Finger Protection for Rods

Accessories - Surf Fishing and Carp Fishing

For surf and carp anglers Protects the forefinger from injury during extremely long casts.

Made of nylon, is placed on top of the plate ring reel seat, and "sewn" back, going 2 / 3 turns of wire in the holes.

Particularly useful in winter, when you throw more than 100 grams, especially in ground, which is essential to "tame" the spread and make the most, perhaps using a thin braided line for shock-leader, who greatly increased the distance.

Even from a psychological standpoint, not having that fear of injury to the finger, the concentration is directed more to the movements of the body, gaining several feet in the throwing distance!

Patended AP 2005 A 000004

The "seam", only serves to keep it in position, as is always the finger that bears the tension of the line in during casting, the tab is only responsible to protect finger from abrasion.

Just insert the wire under the tab, and the finger is "saved", does not wrinkle, like a bicycle inner tube, or duct tape, commonly used remedies.

We must not drift shaft before each launch, and then having to remove the trigger for other operations etc.

If you need to do a small launch, just place the wire outside of the tab.

The reel can be disassembled freely because the "save finger" is based outside the ring.

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Finger Protection for Rods  is in the Categories:

Home » TECHNICAL CLOTHING » Other Accessories
Home » ACCESSORIES - GENERAL » Finger Protection

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