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Condor 340c 200 kHz Color Fishfinder

Condor 340c 200 kHz Color Fishfinder

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Condor 340c 200 kHz Color Fishfinder
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Model: [EUP-6491-340]

Price:  Price: 218,38 [TaxInc]

Stock: Stock:  Available in 5-7 days Available in 5-7 days



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Other Products of Brand %s Other Products of Brand CONDOR

 Description Description 

Product: Condor 340c 200 kHz  Color Fishfinder

Nautical Instruments - Fishfinder

High sensitivity and astonishing resolution along with an incredibly crisp, high-definition screen of 480 vertical pixels and 65536 colors!
The new Condor 340c includes the latest achievement in fishfinding technology.

Thanks to it's high sensitivity receiver, this new unit combines an amazing resolution with effective fish detectionThe bright color screen of the Condor 340c with its 480 vertical pixels, provides high resolution, clear and crisp color images, with 16 bit color depth (65536 colors).

Thank to TFT technology, it is perfectly viewable, even in full sun light or when wearing polarized sunglasses. The white, dimmable LED backlighting, allows the color screen of the Condor 340c to be viewed clearly under any light conditions, which makes this unit especially suitable for night use.

A convenient window menu system makes using the Condor 340c extremely simple and intuitive, guiding the user through all the advanced functions of the unit. Each function can be easily and conveniently accessed through a simple, self-explaining menu system, that enables the user to operate the unit in only a few minutes. The combination of the “OvalPad” on the top, with the six keys on the bottom, makes the access to the menu options extremely simple and intuitive.

The convenient “-” and “+” direct access keys, allow the user to exit the auto-range mode instantly and adjust the depth range manually, without opening any menu, with only the touch of a single key. In the same way, it is possible to return to the automatic mode simply by pressing the “-” and “+” keys together.

The hydrodynamic transom mount transducer of the Condor 340c has a built-in water surface temperature sensor, and provides excellent performance at all boating speeds, up to 40 knots.

Packed in a compact housing, the Condor 340c easily fits on any dash board. The use of a single plug for both power and transducer means installing and removing the unit takes only a matter of seconds.

Technical Features

  • Large, high contrast, 4.3” color TFT LCD screen,provides perfect visibility even with polarized sunglasses
  • High resolution 480 x 272 pixel with 65.536 colors
  • Dual frequency 200 kHz operation
  • Output power: 4000W peak (500W RMS)
  • Depth capability of over 1480 ft (450 meters)*
  • 3 color display modes, including night view mode
  • Sophisticated Fish ID recognition software with the digital readout of the depth above fish symbols
  • Big digital depth, temperature and voltage readouts
  • Adjustable chart speed
  • Dual function color line, that gives relevant information about the nature of the bottom
  • Keel offset function, for precision depth readouts
  • Image of instantaneous echo in column
  • Automatic range feature with direct control and instant switch to manual
  • Multiple level zoom function, allows to enlarge the image at any scale
  • Alarms: shallow water, fish, low battery
  • Three selectable background colors (white, blue, black)
  • Hydrodynamic transom mount transducer with built in temp probe, as standard, suitable for high boating speed, cable length 20 ft (6 m)
  • Memory that keeps all the settings even when the unit is switched off
  • High intensity, dimmable backlighting for night use
  • TGC control with high sensitivity receiver, for outstanding depth performance
  • Compact waterproof housing
  • Multilingual menu system, with 16 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Turkish and Greek
  • Dimensions: 6.3” x 6.3” x 2.6” (160 x 160 x 65 mm)


* Typically, all fishfinders will read deeper in freshwater than in saltwater. The actual depth capability depends on:

  1. Trasducer installation
  2. Plankton
  3. Salinity. In saltwater, air bubbles and zooplankton are the two most important factors affecting the performance, and change from day to day. Also decayed vegetation, that produces “muck” that can be up to 2 feet deep, affects the performance of all fishfinders.
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