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Condor 250 Wi Wireless Portable Fishfinder

Condor 250 Wi Wireless Portable Fishfinder

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Condor 250 Wi Wireless Portable Fishfinder
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Model: [EUP-6491-250]

Price:  Price: 201,30 [TaxInc]

Stock: Stock:  Available in 5-7 days Available in 5-7 days



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 Description Description 

Product: Condor 250 Wi Wireless Portable Fishfinder

Nautical Instruments - Wireless Portable Fishfinder

A castable fishfinder with a high performance wireless transducer at a particularly affordable price!

The new Condor 250 Wi represents the pinnacle in wireless fishfinding technology.

Thanks to Condor’s unique wireless transducer, which incorporates a very low power consumption radio transceiver, the Condor 250 Wi allows you to scan the surrounding area to a radius of up to 30 meters.

The transducer is housed in a compact, sealed waterproof float with an inbuilt antenna which can be cast out like a lure with rod and reel. The transducer automatically switches on when in contact with the water relaying data back to the base unit.

The waterproof base unit houses 8 AA size batteries which give many hours of operation. After use the display folds down into the base for protection and space saving and the whole unit can be carried by the integral carry handle.

The Condor 250 Wi has a large class-leading 4.3” LCD display with a resolution of 240 vertical pixels providing crisp and clear images easily viewable even when wearing polarized sunglasses. The white LED backlighting is adjustable to ensure perfect clarity even in low light condition or when used at night.

The special hi-sensitivity receiver of the Condor 250 Wi provides perfect performance even in shallow water which makes it particularly well suited for all freshwater situations and in particular for carp fishing for which this unit was originally designed.

The intuitive menu system can be set in any one of the 16 languages programmed into the memory of the unit and makes using the Condor 250 Wi very simple to use.

Pressing the menu button reveals four windows giving access to the many different functions incorporated in this unit which can be easily selected by means of the “up” and “down” arrow keys.

The settings remain stored in the internal memory of the unit once the power is switched off reducing the need to set it up again on the next outing.

Condor’s sophisticated identification software detects any suspended target and shows them on the screen in the form of fish symbols, with the digital readout of the depth above them. This feature can be disabled if required in order to show the actual echo returns as they come from the transducer.

Technical Features

  • Special “Freecast” sealed, battery-operated, wireless 115 kHz transducer
  • Depth capability: 2 ~ 100 ft (0.6 ~ 30m)
  • Wireless operating range: max 200 ft (60m)
  • Sonar beam angle: 80deg @-10db
  • Automatic transducer power-on, by simply dipping it in water
  • Water temperature sensor included in the transducer
  • Radio frequency: 433.9 MHz
  • Alarms: shallow water, fish, low battery
  • Features
  • Large, high contrast, 4.3” triple supertwist LCD screen,provides perfect visibility even with polarized sunglasses
  • High resolution 240 x 128 pixel with 4 levels of gray
  • High intensity, fully dimmable LED backlighting for night use
  • Rugged portable case for a full protection of the fishfinder during storage or transport
  • Digital depth reading above each fish symbol
  • Zoom function to magnify the sonar image
  • Transducer with built-in temp sensor
  • Memory that keeps all the settings even when the unit is switched off
  • Controls: Sensitivity, Depth Range, Noise Filter, Zoom
  • Multilingual menu system, with 16 memorized languages
  • Full one-year warranty
  • Technical and casing
  • Sonar unit size: 6” x 4.3” x 1.73” (153 x 110 x 44 mm)
  • Portable case size: 10.3” x 5.9” x 3.85” (262 x 150 x 98 mm)
  • Operational Temperature: 14°F ~ 122°F (-10°C ~ 50°C)
  • IPX7 level waterproof case design
  • Power
  • Perfectly sealed waterproof battery pack (uses 8 AA alkaline batteries not included)

* Typically, all fishfinders will read deeper in freshwater than in saltwater. The actual depth capability depends on:

  1. Trasducer installation
  2. Plankton
  3. Salinity. In saltwater, air bubbles and zooplankton are the two most important factors affecting the performance, and change from day to day. Also decayed vegetation, that produces “muck” that can be up to 2 feet deep, affects the performance of all fishfinders.
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